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On The Beach – Ko Phra Thong

We have no doubt that our small resort is on the best location on Ko Phra Thong, Thailand. We are located right on the beachfront and walking out from our bungalows and restaurant you are always on the beach. The ocean’s tidal changes that bring in cooling winds makes Horizon Eco Resort the perfect getaway for both a relaxing and adventurous holiday. We have a restaurant with a panoramic ocean view where you can enjoy the beach for ultimate relaxation.

The beach, the palm trees, the waves; nature’s part in creating paradise is done. The only thing that is going to make your presence on the island exceptional is being as contended and cheerful as possible. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway with your partner, family, friends, or simply an active, sporting holiday, close to nature, we are here to try and make it the paradise you have always been looking for, and now you have found it!

Beach Life on Ko Phra Thong
Lizard on Beach Ko Phra Thong
Bungalow Horizon Eco Resort
Accommodation Ko Phra Thong

Bungalows on the Beach

Horizon Eco Resort offers you the respite you need to recharge in your busy lives.

The resort comprises five private bungalows and two family bungalows.

The regular bungalows can accommodate two people.
The family bungalows can accommodate three adults,
or a family of four.

Each bungalow has a private bathroom, balcony, and views of the crescent bay.

What to do on Ko Phra Thong

Things To Do on Ko Phra Thong

Even though we are off the beaten path we are proud of our own treasured activity opportunities. It is no secret that all of our activities are about getting close to nature, and to experience the amazing wildlife we have at our doorstep. Every tour and activity you get on you are guranteed unique unforgettable experiences to keep as life long memories. Have a look:

“Fight gravity and fly away. Reach new horizons and expand yourself.”
– Bangambiki Habyarimana