Activities & Tours Ko Phra Thong

All of the tours on this page are available to go on from Horizon Eco Resort on a daily basis from Mid-October to April. This page was created for information purposes and all tours can be booked from our front desk and restaurant. Please just let us know about your interests and we will do our best to ensure that you have an amazing experience when going on a Ko Phra Thong tour.

Kayaking From The Beach – Ko Phra Thong

Grab a kayak from the beach in front of Horizon Eco Resort during high tide and paddle into the mangrove canal. Here you have the chance to get close to the wildlife; monkeys, hornbills, crabs and insects as they feed from the marine rich areas within the mangroves. Another option is to paddle out to and around the deserted islands off the coast and enjoy the views of Ko Phra Thong from the sea.

Island Snorkeling Trip

This day trip lets you visit some of the beautiful, deserted islands, just off the Coast of Ko Phra Thong Island, Koh Pling and Koh Pling Noi and if weather conditions allow the island of Ko Ra. Leaving Horizon Resort around 9 AM, take the longtail boat out to the cool, clear waters of the Andaman Sea. Snorkel around the islands from your longtail boat and discover the marine life which inhabits these waters. There are only a few coral reefs in the area, but there are still plenty of marine life living and feeding in the areas. Caves and warm stream currents allow for a great diversity in aquatic life. Enjoy a packed lunch on one of the islands and relax and swim as you enjoy the secluded islands and the nature around. Weather depending, you have the chance to visit Ko Ra and trek over the mountain to a pristine and secluded beach for your snorkeling. Your guide will advise you on the day if this is possible.

Koh Surin Day Trip/Overnight Stay

A snorkel trip to the islands of Koh Surin is a truly amazing experience, having the chance to snorkel in the beautiful clear waters among the shallow and deeper coral reefs. These waters are abundant with fish feeding from this amazing and diverse ecosystem.

Day Trip
Pick-up by speedboat from Khura Buri, the mainland, and transfer to the islands of Koh Surin. You will stop on the way to Koh Surin for your first snorkel experience, straight from the speed boat. Our guides know the best snorkeling places and your trip will include snorkeling at these beautiful spots. Lunch will be served at the Surin National Park restaurant. After lunch you will board a longtail boat to continue your snorkeling experiences at some of the most beautiful snorkel and dive sites in Thailand…

Enjoy a truly wonderful experience, snorkeling and swimming as well as camping under the stars, just off the beach on Koh Surin.
Day 1: pick up from Ko Phra Thong beach by speedboat, on this day you will stop on the way to Koh Surin for your first snorkel, straight from the speed boat, then check in to Surin National Park Headquarters on the island and be guided to your tent. Have lunch at the National park restaurant and your guide will inform you of snorkeling destinations and departure times. Then board a longtail boat out to the cool clear waters of Surin for your afternoon snorkeling. Returning to the National park HQ in the late afternoon, you have the chance to relax on the beach or take a walk along the marked Moken trails, be sure to be back to watch the amazing sunset on this remote and beautiful tropical island. Dinner will be served in the National Park restaurant and your guide will inform you of the time. After dinner, sit by your tent or on the beach and watch the thousands of star correlations in this special place.

Day 2: Morning breakfast at Surin National Park HeadQuarters. After breakfast you will be taken on another snorkel trip to see the amazing marine life and coral reefs, then visit the Moken Village on Koh Surin. The Moken people are Sea Nomads and after the tsunami of 2004, were encouraged to settle on land. The Moken people have now had to adapt and change their lifestyles to survive and live on the island, fishing is restricted and their main income is now reliant on tourism. Please be respectful and take some money with you to buy handicrafts to help them sustain a living.

Savanna Tour Ko Phra Thong

Savanna Tour Ko Phra Thong

As Ko Phra Thong is very flat, compared to other Thai islands, it is often looked at as it looks like the African savanna. On this tour we will take you on an exploration trip around the island. Monkeys, rare deer, wild cats and many birds. Be prepared to be amazed.
Enjoy a trip through Ko Phra Thong’s unique and stunning savanna, visiting along the way, the orchid farm and the turtle museum. After an early breakfast, you will leave from the resort at around 7.30 AM to enjoy the trip through the savanna before the heat of the day sets in. Early in the morning is always the best chance to spot birds and animals as they forage for food and search for nesting spots in the vast untouched area of the savanna. The island is home to a nesting place of a large stork named the Lesser Adjutant. This giant bird is protected and the number of birds and nesting places are continuously monitored to help increase the numbers on the island. You may also have the chance to spot some of the many Oriental Hornbill birds as they fly between the savanna and the casuarina trees closer to the beach. The island is also home to the Sambar deer, crab-eating Macaque Monkeys and small wild cats, as well as nesting areas for turtles, the green back and hornbill species, being the most common sea turtles who come and lay their eggs here. As your guide takes you through the savanna you have the chance to stop and take photographs of the stunning landscape. You will make your way to the southernmost tip of the island and to the village of Tung Dap, where you will visit the local orchid farm and enjoy the beautiful displays of rare and exotic orchids. On the journey back to Horizon Eco Resort your guide will take you to the village on the northern part of the island called Ban Lion, here you have the chance to visit the turtle museum and learn about the project which protects and monitors the numbers and nesting sights of the turtles.

Thai Desserts With Local Villagers

Learn to make local Thai desserts with the local villagers at Ban Lion Village. You will have the opportunity to watch and learn how these sweet desserts are made and learn about the village and the challenges they face living and working in this remote village. This tour starts at around 10 AM where you will be transferred from Horizon Eco Resort to the village. An English speaking translator will be at hand to explain the dessert making process and ingredients used. This is a fun and interesting activity for all, old and young, as you have the chance to get hands on and create a lovely Thai dessert.
The village of Ban Lion was devastated by the 2004 tsunami and houses were rebuilt, however the regeneration program did not succeed in engaging with tourists as well as contributing to their family income.

“Look beyond the horizon; there is a whole new universe waiting for you”
– Vishakha Sethi